Annual Appeal Letter

Dear Friends of Green Valley,

2018 has been a very memorable year at GVE! We celebrated our 50th anniversary, introduced many new programs, and made upgrades to existing programs. Though we accomplished a lot, we still have important things to do and we need your help.

Imagine that you are enjoying eating lunch and suddenly you find yourself on the floor. Embarrassed and possibly a little bruised, you look around and realize the chair collapsed. Now imagine the same scenario, only this time you have a disability that will make getting off the floor very difficult and your disability may have contributed to an injury from the fall. Falling to a person with disabilities is not just an embarrassing moment, it can be a safety concern.

None of our chairs were designed for people with disabilities. We need chairs with arms so people can steady themselves to stand and sit. Chairs with special supports are needed for heavier-build participants. Sturdy chairs made with lighter materials are needed so they can be moved easily by people who have limited strength and stability. Our mismatched chairs surround mismatched tables. Just like our chairs, the only thing these tables seem to have in common is that they have exceeded their useful life.

Last year, annual appeal dollars created more community-based services:

  • Revamped the Summer Life Academy program that featured paid work experiences, serving 30 high school students

  • Created Meaningful Day Program which emphasizes employment, volunteering, social and recreation activities for participants

  • Launched Partners with Business Program, which teaches area businesses how to utilize coworkers and supervisors to successfully support employees with disabilities in the workplace.

All of this above has happened because of the support of people like you! It would be wonderful to start the new year with tables and chairs that meet the needs of some very special people. Will you help us with a donation this year?


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