Samantha Stam is MPTC Gold Award Winner as volunteer for GVE

Moraine Park Technical College introduced an Experiential Learning Program. This program is based on the belief that Experiential Learning is a key element of a college education, enriching the student experience for greater academic and career success. It might be service learning, student organization leadership, internships, study abroad, and more! All of these experiential learning opportunities connect students with local or global business and non-profit partners, cultivate connections and collaboration, and serve community needs while impacting individual student success. Samantha (Sam) Stam has devoted countless hours volunteering at Green Valley Enterprises (GVE). Her volunteering has earned her status as a Gold Award winner. Samantha Stam said, “Working with Green Valley the past two years has not only taught me needed skills for the workplace but has given me a true sense of accomplishment. Green Valley is such an amazing facility. I am so glad I could gain business experience in this volunteer opportunity.”

Pictured from Left is Brian Jacobson (Executive Director at GVE); Stam; Cindy Bernhard (MPTC Instructor); Mary Vogl-Rauscher (MPTC Instructor). Picture was taken by Anne Lemke Award was given on May 8th

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