John Deere Horicon Works Receives Partnership Award

Green Valley Enterprises (GVE) nominated and was pleased that John Deere Horicon Works was awarded the Business Excellence Partnership Award sponsored by the Disability Service Provider Network.

According to Brian Jacobson, Executive Director of GVE:" John Deere has truly made a difference in the lives of our participants at Green Valley Enterprises through business partnerships, volunteering, and community involvement. John Deere is a strong supporter of our community employment program by offering opportunities for work experiences and the hiring of our participants in competitive employment". Mark Salzer, Production Manager at GVE stated: "For us to increase our capacity, as well as provide a safer work environment for our participants, John Deere assisted Green Valley with the implementation of our new warehouse pallet racking system." John Deere Horicon Works has been instrumental in Green Valley Enterprises’ mission to help individuals with special needs, and their families, achieve maximum potential and independence through an array of programs and services. They are an outstanding community business partner.

From Left: Mark Salzer, Brian Jacobson, Jeff Kennedy from John Deere Horicon works, Larry Lange John Deere Horicon Works, Amanda Remley John Deere Horicon works, and Craig Henrickson.

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