A Message from A Parent about Medicaid

My son is 23 years old. He has Down Syndrome. He works 4 hours a week at a local restaurant in our community. He has a job coach to support him who is paid with Medicaid dollars. He attends a community based prevocational class that is helping him develop important job related skills as well as the confidence and self esteem he will need to continue to work. Six hours a week are paid for with Medicaid dollars. The remaining 20 hours of his week he spends working on the Manufacturing Production Floor at Green Valley where he helps local businesses meet their subcontracting goals in a safe, supportive environment surrounded by his peers. He earns a paycheck. He has developed a schedule that meets his needs at his level. This service is paid for using Medicaid dollars. His life is full and his days are productive and meaningful. All thanks to Medicaid funding. Eventually he will move into a group home, using Medicaid dollars, and become even more independent. Because he has a life like any other adult in society, his father and I have the opportunity for time and a life outside of being a caregiver, the chance to work and do things that aren't dictated by someone else's needs and routine. Our gratitude for Medicaid Funding knows no bounds. The US Senate Health Care Bill is believed to include major cuts to Medicaid and could cause a drastic reduction in or the elimination of the services that mean so much to our son and our family, services that we do not have the means to support on our own. This would lead to the reduction or elimination of my son's and our family's quality of life. These decisions need to be made in a public forum. These are major life changing proposals that are going to affect real people, people that I love and people that I work with on a daily basis, people who deserve the best we can offer. Please call Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin to vote no to Medicaid cuts.

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