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Green Valley Seeks Part Time Skills Trainer

Green Valley Enterprises (GVE) has an opening for a part time (up to 29 hours a week) skills trainer position Work in this position primarily involves support and instruction for clients in work settings, typically in settings outside of Green Valley facilities. This position may require some evening and weekend hours.



  • Support clients in employment settings, with a focus on developing their work skills, confidence in their abilities, and a sense of responsibility to their employer.

  • Assist in the preparation of individualized client plans; may participate in staffings and reviews.

  • Keep records for client attendance, performance, and development progress.

  • Show initiative in problem solving and resolution of work problems.

  • Support regulatory compliance.

  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Experience working with adults with disabilities.

  • High school diploma or higher.

  • Valid driver’s license and excellent driving record.

  • Knowledge of physical and mental impairments which affect a client’s ability to be independent, productive, and socially appropriate.


  • Creativity and resourcefulness in teaching skills in actual work settings.

  • Direct training and support of working clients with a focus on eventual independence.

  • Adapts well to shifting client attendance and production work schedules.

  • Remains vigilant for subcontracting opportunities in and around area employers.

  • Ability to correct and redirect clients tactfully and positively.

  • Ability to build understanding within a client’s work group in employment settings.

  • Works well with others; supports departmental and agency objectives.

  • Unwavering respect for clients, families, and the agency’s mission.

  • Effective support of clients, reflected in the client’s personal growth and growing independence.

  • Accountable for client, caregiver, and employer / customer satisfaction with GVE’s services


  • Reports to the Employment and Outreach Coordinator or Employment Specialist.


Submit application to:

Green Valley Enterprises, Inc.

1223 Madison St.

Beaver Dam, WI 53916

Click here to download employment application today.

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