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Green Valley Seeks Part Time Driver

Green Valley Enterprises (GVE) has an opening for a part time driver. Drivers are responsible for the safe and timely pickup and return of agency clients from throughout the surrounding area, and the pickup and delivery of production materials.   


  •  Ensure that vehicles used are inspected daily; record inspection findings.
  •  Check engine oil and other maintenance items daily; keep vehicles in clean and serviceable condition.
  •  Park vehicles fuel-full and clean at the end of each day. Report maintenance needs to      Superintendent.
  •  Reflect positively on the agency (e.g. dress, manners, and driving habits).
  •  Manage schedule changes appropriately, keep records as required.
  •  Use downtime productively.
  •  Ensure safe loading and unloading practices; assist clients as necessary.
  •  Be sensitive to client’s comfort during loading and unloading (rain, snow, cold).
  •  Support regulatory compliance.
  •  Other duties as assigned. 
  •  Responsible for the effective care and operation of agency vehicles.
  •  Reports vehicle safety or maintenance concerns promptly to supervisor.
  •  Pick up clients from caregivers, and return them home safely and on schedule.
  •  Effective record keeping for vehicle maintenance and agency purposes.
  •  Responsible for maintaining route schedules.
  •  Accountable for client, caregiver, and customer satisfaction with GVE’s services.




Reports to Superintendent; may participate in employee teams.

Submit application to:

Green Valley Enterprises, Inc.

1223 Madison St.

Beaver Dam, WI 53916

Click here to download employment application today.

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