Birth to 3 Manager

Green Valley Seeks Birth to 3 Manager

Green Valley Enterprises (GVE) has an opening for a full time position as the Birth to 3 Manager. This position is responsible for providing leadership for the Birth-to-3 professional team, serve as liaison to funding partners, state agencies, and therapy providers, and provide case management services for clients and their families.


  • Unwavering respect for clients, families, and the agency's mission.

  • Efficient and effective use of resources in support of agency objectives.

  • Positive and forward-thinking team member; work well with others.

  • On-going personal and professional growth.

  • Support agency in implementation of mission.



  • Role model agency policy; establish and maintain high performance standards.

  • Recognize and manage business risks, e.g. skill concentrations, sole-sourcing of important agency obligations. Plan well; minimize or neutralize business risk.

  • Develop the people under supervision; direct and monitor their personal and professional growth. Counsel them promptly and effectively if performance lags or is otherwise unacceptable, documenting effectively.

  • Communicate thoroughly; employees need to be in the know about important agency and departmental matters. Conversely, maintain confidentiality as required by HIPPA.

  • Serve as contact person for families, referral agencies, and the medical community.

  • Coordinate or oversee the intake process for new program participants.

  • Ensure effective development of and adherence to Individualized Family Service Plans [IFSP].

  • Oversee the transition process as  children attain age 3.

  • Assure accuracy and currency of client files.

  • Assure that regular and meaningful family support and outreach programs are offered.

  • Assemble evaluative information for the program and report as required.

  • Make referrals to additional agencies if a child and his/her family has needs which cannot be addressed within the framework of the Birth to 3 Program.

  • Provide in-service trainings; evaluate materials and equipment used in the education process.

  • Performs duties of the Birth to 3 Service Coordinator position.

  • Support regulatory compliance.

  • Responsible for assisting in the annual budget process for your department; as well as meeting projected departmental budget revenues and expenses.

  • Hiring, training developing, and managing staff in your functional area.

  • Ensures esafety training is completed by both self, as well as, their staff


  • Four year degree required. Prefer a degree with emphasis on early childhood development. Would consider 4 year degree in a behavioral or educational discipline.

  • 2-3 years of progressively management experience.


  • Navigates regulatory requirements effectively.

  • Adept scheduling of employees, parents, interpreters and other parties involved in providing services to .children.

  • Effectively organizes and executes meetings.

  • Ability to work with parents in a sensitive and respectful manner.

  • Use agency systems and tools provided to work effectively and efficiently.

  • Productive and supportive member of team and agency-wide initiatives.

  • Ability to manage deadlines and multiple priorities.

  • Works well with others; supports departmental and agency objectives.

  • Must have a valid Wisconsin Driver's License and be insurable by GVE's insurance carrier


  • Successful implementation of care plans/ IFSPs.

  • Meet budget revenues and expenses.

  • Accountable for client, caregiver, and customer satisfaction with GVE's services.


  • Reports to Executive Director.

  • Supervises Birth to 3 staff and service coordinators.

  • Maintains working relationship with Rehab Resource administration and staff .


Working Conditions

This position involves significant periods of sitting, use of computing equipment, and completion of paperwork at desk height. Some driving is required.

Physical Requirements

A summary of physical requirements for this position is attached. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the job responsibilities.

Submit application to:

Green Valley Enterprises, Inc.

1223 Madison St.

Beaver Dam, WI 53916

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