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Birth-to-3 Early Intervention

Birth to three years of age is an exciting and developmentally cruicial time in a child's life. Important life skills are learned during this time frame and each developmental milestone relies on the child successfully completing the one prior. Children begin to take note of and explore the world as it relates to them and to others. Children begin to express their needs physically, linguistically and socially.

A number of children may show a delay in one or more of the areas listed above; the early period of development is the most beneficial time to identify and ameliorate delays so that children can experience the greatest success possible during their school-age years. The majority of delays identified are eliminated before children age out of the program. Almost all therapies provided take place in the child's most natural setting (most often home or daycare).

What will Birth-to-3 staff do next?
  • Determine eligibility
  • Provide a global evaluation of your child and specific evaluation(s) in the area(s) of development concern.
  • Provide service coordination (case management) to assist you in coordinating services throughout your child's involvement in the program
  • Provide early intervention services (occupational, physical, speech therapies, special education, etc.) if appropriate as stated in your child's plan
  • Help you secure and coordinate other community services as necessary
  • Assist you in transitioning your child into an early childhood program (if eligible) or another program of your choice upon your child's third birthday

What if I think my child may have a delay?

  • Contact the Dodge County Birth to 3 Program. Referrals are usually made by phone (920) 887-4282.
  • If your child has a condition which may likely result in a developmental delay, he or she is automatically eligible to receive services.
  • If your child does not have such a diagnosis, eligibility must then be determined through further evaluation.
  • Birth to 3 Program staff will explain the program to you and answer any questions you have.
  • Participation is always voluntary.

Contact Information


For more information about Birth to 3 services provided at Green Valley contact:


Kathy Clark, Early Intervention Manager

Phone: (920) 887-4282 Ext. 125


Birth to Three Brochure